You'll NEVER Guess What Crazy Flavors Are Infused With These Liquors

Late nights around the bar always result in the discovery of a crazy cocktail that adopts a wacky name like a "cucumber fizz" or the "screwdriver". Some distilleries have worked around the clock to bring these concoctions straight to the shelf of your local liquor store, and sometimes they get a bit too creative. These 36 liquors are some of the strangest mixtures that will make you second-guess taking that extra shot.

Naked Jay Dill Pickle Vodka

DillPickle vodka is for the bravest of pickle fans that can’t get enough of the vinegary cucumber. Some drinkers take a shot of Naked Jay then chase it with a shot of pickle juice.

Skorppio Vodka

skorpYes, this vodka is packaged with a real farm raised scorpion inside. The vodka is distilled 5 times and the scorpion is 100% edible.

Hanger One Chipotle Vodka

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPeople go crazy over the food chain, Chipotle. So, why not combine the great taste of their tacos with the smooth taste of vodka? Maybe Taco Bell vodka will hit the shelves next!

Alaska Distillery Smoked Salmon

SalmonAlaska is a dangerous place and northerners aren’t afraid to take risks, especially with their liquor. Drinking a glass of wine with fresh fish is standard. But, blending your fish into your alcohol is quite the experiment.

Ivanabitch Tobacco Vodka

TobaccoFor almost the same price of a pack of cigarettes, you can buy tobacco or menthol flavored vodka from this smokey distillery.

UV Sriracha

sriracha-vodka_feHot sauce lovers are obsessed with Sriracha, so it’s not surprising that a distillery has combined the spicy condiment with the Bloody Mary.

Referent Horseradish

ReferentReferent boosts their horseradish-flavored vodkas by saying it helps cure the common cold. It tastes the best when you put this spicy drink into a Bloody Mary.

Three Olives Loopy Vodka

LoopyThis breakfast based liquor combines vodka with the morning flavors of Fruit Loops cereal. However, milk isn’t the best chaser for this strange mixture.

Oddka Fresh Cut Grass Vodka

02oddka_fresh_cut_grassFresh Cut Grass smells and tastes like it sounds. There are some hints of fruit in the mixture as well, so this blend is certainly straight from nature.

Bacon Vodka By Bakon

baconYes, an amazing team has infused the wonderful taste and smells of bacon into your favorite cocktail.

360 Buttered Popcorn Vodka

360_ButteredPopcorn_750ML_MultiLabel_v02They don’t sell this at the movies, but it definitely has that buttery taste of the good stuff from the theater!

360 Glazed Donut

glazed-donut-vodka360 loves their crazy flavors and their Glazed Donut Vodka certainly capitalizes on American's love to combine alcohol with something sweet.

Van Gogh PB & J

pbjYour favorite childhood sandwich has followed you into adulthood and to the bars. Van Gough suggests pairing the PB & J vodka with cream and a berry liqueur.

Crop Tomato Vodka

tomatoThis organically made vodka promises to have all the flavors of a freshly picked tomato from the garden.

Pinnacle Swedish Fish Gummy Vodka

gummyPinnacle Vodka is always pushing boundaries with their subtle and sweet vodkas, but this candy vodka may be pushing it too far.

Naga Chili Pepper

chilliSpiced liquors are pretty common, but this spiced vodka takes the after taste kick to a whole different level. It’s made with Nagas Chillis, which are some of the hottest ones found in the world.

Van Gogh Banana Vodka

bananFruit flavors are always a great choice, but a banana is never quite the favorite. Van Gough swears that this is a delicious treat when mixed with a cream or chocolate liqueur.

Three Olives Bubble Gum

bubbleThree Olive’s uses a mixture of different fruit flavors to create their gum-flavored vodka simply titled, “Bubble.”

Cucumber Vodka

Cucumspajitoforbes-1940x1293Cucumber pairs perfectly with water and lime. But, vegetables and liquor should probably stay paired in a Bloody Mary.

Pinnacle Cookie Dough Vodka


Unlike Loopy Vodka, Pinnacle Cookie Dough Vodka actually pairs pretty well with some cold milk.

Georgi Waffle-Flavored Vodka

waffle-vodkaIf Three Olives Fruit Loop Vodka doesn’t suit your craving, then you can turn to the full flavor of breakfast with this Belgian waffle vodka.

Pink Rose Vodka

2012-Vodka22_905Typically roses are admired from afar and not eaten or tossed into a beverage. But, this distillery wanted to make a romantic drink. What’s more romantic than a rose?

Oddka Wasabi Vodka

GrassWasabi is an acquired taste that’s only enjoyed by the toughest eaters. But, its extreme heat and flavor didn’t scare the flavor inventors at Oddka.

Mamma Mia Pizza Beer

pizzaPizza and beer always seem to go hand in hand. Nevertheless, infusing the two delights into a beverage may be taking it too far.

Three Olives S’Mores

smorChocolate and liquor sometimes make the perfect combination. This S’Mores vodka may actually be an amazing creation.

Pinnacle Habanero Pepper

habaneroIt’s not as hot as the Wasabi Vodka or Nagas Chilli Vodka, but Habanero will still give you a serious kick.

Absolut Cilantro

cilantroAbsolut doesn’t compare to the bold flavors of Pinnacle, but the cilantro with lime is definitely a break from their standard bottle.

Oddka Electricity Vodka

electricThis liquor won’t electrocute you, but it will definitely give you a shock of blue raspberry flavor.

Pinnacle Carmel Apple

carmFruit and caramel mix pretty well with liquor, so why not bring them together into Pinnacle’s Carmel Apple Vodka? It may be too sweet, but it’s not their craziest combination.

Alaska Distillery Purgatory Hemp Seed Vodka

alaska-distillery-purgatory-hemp-seeded-vodka__08062.1330734297.1280.1280It sounds illegal, however, Purgatory is distilled with only hemp seeds and does not contain any illegal THC from the marijuana plant. Still, Alaska Distillery received some backlash for this crazy flavor.

Sputnik Basil Vodka

sputIf you’re looking for a nice garnish for your meal then you can skip the spice isle and go straight for Sputnik’s basil flavored vodka.

Vermont Spirits White Vodka

whitevodkaApparently you can distil vodka from just about anything. This smooth vodka is distilled from pure milk sugar.

Cupcake Frosting Vodka

cupcake-vodka-frosting-flavor1This distillery is aptly named “Cupcake” and decided to separate the fluffy cake from the sweet icing with this frosting vodka.

Cupcake Ginger Snap Vodka

gingerCookie lovers will go crazy over Cupcake’s Ginger Snap Vodka that blends flavors of cinnamon, ginger, and cloves.

Pinnacle Marshmallow

PinnacleMarshmallow750ml__80920.1343105406.1280.1280S’More vodka seemed like a great idea so why not break down the creation into a smooth marshmallow flavor. It can’t create the fluffy texture of a marshmallow, but it's packed with the full mallow flavor.

Pinnacle Cinnabon Vodka

cinEvery mall and airport in the United States has a Cinnabon that lures hungry shoppers in with the sweet smell of cinnamon buns. Imagine that sweet smell packed straight into your after dinner vodka.