You HAVE To Hear Cruz Admit To Being Afraid

‘Lyin Ted’ has recently broken out the fighting gloves and his new grit is puzzling a reporter. Why has the battle been delayed until now? Ted Cruz recently told a radio host that he didn’t want to be “road kill.”

Cruz started off his 2016 Presidential campaign full of smiles and optimism for a fair fight. But, as the race started to take over the country, Americans started to see the real ‘Lyin Ted.

WTMJ radio host Charlie Sykes asked the Republican candidate why it took him so long to criticize Trump and the answer says it all.

“There were 17 candidates in this race. It was a wonderfully diverse, talented, dynamic, young field. It had really incredible talent. If you look at a number of the candidates that took on Donald Trump early on, they ended up as road kill.”

He was scared to become roadkill in the wake of Trump! His response is hypocritical considering his campaign continually refers to Donald as a coward. In reality, Cruz waiting to show his real voice is the true act of cowardice in this race.

Had he been truthful from the start of the campaign, perhaps his followers would not be so shocked by his sudden childish maneuvers. Cruz neglected to choose his words wisely. Hopefully, the mass media will pick up on his confession of cowardice and begin to portray him as the man he really is.

Listen to his interview here.