Why CNN Loves Hillary

There has been talk on the Left and the Right about bias in the media. Fox, of course, took it to an extreme and then MSNBC followed suit. And no, there wasn't a sinister cabal of Liberals tearing down every Conservative 30 years ago, but there was a bias. It developed over a long time simply because college campuses tended to be very liberal and most news journalists attended college.

But CNN's bias toward Hillary Clinton is a much further-down-the-road sort of version of this bias. Again, it's not a sinister cabal, simply the logical result of years of fawning journalist and politicians finally learning how to play the PR game.

CNN is owned by Time-Warner. A company that large has got to throw money at politicians in the U.S. There's too much crony capitalism happening these days not to do it. Surprise! Time-Warner is in the top ten of Clinton's donor pool, ranking number seven at $501,831. A cheap price to pay if you want, to say, keep your regional cable TV monopolies or push out a competitor like Comcast.

And I wonder who would get the first exclusive interview with the first female president, once she's elected? I'm guessing it won't be Amy Goodman.

It's hard to blame them for donating so much. When you're in the business of covering news, you need someone at the White House. How would it look if CNN couldn't get credentials when there was a big announcement? Why wouldn't they want to be inside the room when the president was taking questions? Not everyone gets in and you can be damned sure the politicians will make sure their friends' employees are sitting front in center.

One hand washes the other.

So does it come to any surprise that CNN is crowing that Hillary "won" the recent debate? First off, there is no "winner" at these things. It's supposed to be a showcase of candidates and positions. But tell that to Martin O'Malley, Jim Webb and Lincoln Chaffee, who might as well stayed home and Skyped it in. Meanwhile, Sanders, the only real competition, only gets attention when he took one for Hillary during the debate. Forget his positions, forget his genuine earnestness--- It's all about one personality on CNN: their good buddy, Hillary.

Forget a moment that the woman is as dishonest at the day is long or that she backed the most disastrous war in U.S. history or that she's so transparently power hungry, one must wonder if she models herself after Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. Forget that she lied about her trip to Kosovo or that she passed around classified information on unsecure servers in a flagrant violation of the law. Forget that she was married to Bill Clinton, a guy not exactly known for his forthcoming ways or that she personally orchestrated the destruction of Libya, which lead to the death of an ambassador and others.

It's a shame there's not an organization that runs 24/7 to investigate these tidbits of news and maybe confront this powerful politician before she ends up with her finger on the button. Guess that's just a fantasy.