When You See How He Helped THIS Hero You'll Be In AWE

Mr. Trump is the busiest man in America but he still finds time to run his business and change lives.

During a news conference at one of his luxury hotels, a journalist instantly impressed Donald and now her story is wowing America as well.

Alicia Watkins, age 38, asked Mr. Trump a single question which sparked his interest and caused him to bring her up on stage and offer her a job.

“She looked like a good person, I have instincts about people…she made an immediate impression.”

It turns out that Mr. Trump was right about Alicia Watkins. A background check revealed that she is a woman of many talents who holds a true love for America.

Her story begins after the 911 attacks when she lost her close friend, which inspired her to join the fight in Afghanistan as a member of the Air Force. Upon returning home, she became homeless but she rose up and was admitted to Harvard. Years later, she is a graduate, beauty pageant queen, and NOW an employee of Mr. Trump.

Alicia Watkins is a beautiful example of the kind politician who the media neglects to show. Hopefully, her tale will make headlines and help voters see that Mr. Trump is a man who can create jobs and change lives!

See the amazing job interview in this short clip!