Watch This Cruz Supporter Attempt To Scold Donald

Ted Cruz communications director Alice Stewart recently took on Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson in a head-to-head battle over the Melania Trump attacks.

Alice Stewart struggled to defend the Cruz campaign for their involvement with the super PAC ad that skewed Melania Trump’s GQ Magazine shoot and insulted the entire Trump family.

Stewart said that Ted denounced the ad “the moment” it took to the Internet. Furthermore, she tried to make Cruz a victim stating that the group behind the ad opposes Ted as well.

The CNN segment showed that Cruz might need to speak for himself next time because sending his followers isn’t enough to scare Trump. Yet again, his representatives resorted to calling Mr. Trump a coward saying his counter remarks about Heidi prove he is afraid to take on Cruz.

Pierson rightfully called the threat laughable. This notion of a scared Trump is starting to become redundant and pitiful. The American people have seen Donald take to the stage to debate with Cruz on numerous occasions. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent it’s impossible to deny that he has not shown up and done his duty.

The Cruz campaign is merely pointing fingers because they are growing more scared by the day. Childish tactics will only fuel the fire in Mr. Trump which will hurt Cruz in the end.