Voters Want The Truth And Trump Is The Only Honest Candidate For 2020

The race for the White House will be over again soon and some media outlets are still puzzled by the passion Trump fans have.

The Atlantic spoke with a number of Trump supporters throughout the south and found one clear link between each fan. Trump voters like how he “tells it like it is,” said David Osterkamp of West Virginia.

Most challengers find President Trump's vocabulary to be a threat to the country. But, his fans point out how these people are merely scared of facing the truth.

Trump’s honesty comes from his background as a man who is “outside of the Washington clique,” said Donald Hoskin of Missouri.

His separation from D.C. resonates with people like Pam Rice, who told The Atlantic that her financial situations have left her hard-working family poor. She turns to Trump for hope because he has no ties to Washington officials who have forgotten the middle class. Trump may be a wealthy man, but he has succeeded without Washington and this excites people like Rice.

His appeal is simply just truthful and his supporters are proud to recognize his blunt personality.