The Truth From Benghazi Is Out--And It Proves Donald Is The REAL Change Our Nation Needs!

It took nearly two years, thousands of hours of investigating, and dozens of members of the House, but Republicans were FINALLY given an 800-page report of the Benghazi attacks.

On Monday, the Benghazi report was issued by House Democrats. Not only was the Obama administration pointed out for its lapses in security, but also Hillary Clinton.

The attack on the United States embassy in 2012 lead to the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. The report clearly paints a picture of the perfect storm for disaster to build--crumbling bureaucracy, lax security protocol, and inadequate resources.

What's worse, though, is something Americans noticed almost immediately about the strange situation--the lies.

Although the administration initially claimed a poorly-made internet video was to blame for the attack, it's clear the assault was a well-devised terrorist attack on the anniversary of one America's darkest days, September 11.

The report does not direct blame then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the attacks, but does suggest she and her staff did not properly assess the risks of Ambassador Stevens being in Libya at that time.

What's more, whether or not Crooked Hillary is completely to blame, or she was part of a flawed administration, her neglect for these Americans' safety came to a TRAGIC end.

In response to the report, Mr. Trump shared this important point with his supporters:

"Hillary Clinton says 'no actionable intelligence’ of threat in Benghazi. Obama and Hillary failures led to the tragic and unnecessary deaths of four brave Americans. Shame on them."

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