Trump's Zero Tax Rate Can't Happen Without Cuts

Like all Libertarians, I applaud any tax plan that drives the rate to zero for all sorts of reasons. And looking at Trump's tax plan, it heads in the right direction. The problem is, he's banking on a huge boom to offset the cost of our incredibly expensive overseas empire and ridiculous overhead.

The U.S. takes in about $6 trillion in taxes, but spends something like $6.2 trillion and owes almost $6 trillion from all the previous times our government overspent. That doesn't even count projected costs for Social Security, Medicare and unfunded liabilities, which is just depressing.

So assuming Trump's plan even works, we'd just be rearranging the chairs on the Hindenburg. The Fed would continue to devalue our money, we'd continue to spend too much and we'd end up tanking the dollar anyway. Unless...

Trump would actually have to cut spending and not in a small way. He'd have to privatize education completely or stiff a lot of old people on their pension. The most realistic choice would be to bring all the troops home and slash the Pentagon's budget by, say,75% or more. Most Americans would love to end our endless war overseas.

Good luck with that. Not only is Trump unlikely to even propose it, a few years ago the proposed "cuts" to the Pentagon were actually decreases in the yearly increases of their budgets. Listening to Congress, you would've thought we were taking food out of the mouths of our soldier's families.

Remember, this would be the same Congress that can't bring itself to kill the F-35, a jet that cost us billions and still doesn't work. Not to mention some tank that we don't even need. Congress likes to bring home money to their district. It's the pork that keeps them getting re-elected. Unless...

Trump, as president, could bring all the troops home and close down all the military bases we have overseas. As Commander-in-Chief, he wouldn't have to ask the permission of Congress. It would be pretty hard for the Pentagon to justify their grossly bloated budgets then. Plus it wouldn't be anyone's Congressional district and the troops actually coming home would be celebrated.

But I don't believe for a second the Donald will be able to push this through or even wants to. He's probably banking on a "compromise" with every other rich a-hole in Congress. Someone's always gotta pay and I guarantee you, it won't be the guys in power. That's half the reason they wanted the power in the first place.