Trump Supporters Knew She Was Involved But The Media Didn't Listen

For weeks now Bernie Sanders has been the main suspect behind the liberal attacks at Trump rallies. But, it turns out his liberal supporters did not act alone. Hillary Clinton has finally shown her true face and become the source of the violence.

Recent reports show that George Soros of is the puppet behind the offensive attacks and Hillary may be pulling his strings. The development comes after a failed anti-Trump rally revealed that protesters answered a craigslist ad offering $16.00 to come to the event.


The reckless use of funds has shown that Hillary must be behind the attacks. Now, the mass media is recognizing that money trails always lead back to Clinton and not Sanders. His campaign prides itself on clean money and his millennial supporters are not ones who can be bought.

Hillary has years of experience with gorilla campaigning and it’s no surprise that she is involved. Most fingers were pointing to Bernie. But, the Trump supporters knew that Hillary was playing her part. It simply took the money to prove to the media and the world that she will always try to buy her success.