This NEW Survey Proves Our Troops Prefer Donald To CROOKED Clinton

Donald Trump is a true patriot who wants to put Americans first and rebuild our great nation's Military. A new survey shows that the country's troops support his plans and prefer a Trump administration to a Clinton or Sanders White House.

The Military Times study sampled armed personnel from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. It gathered 951 completed surveys that represent mainly senior and career-oriented officers that run day-to-day operations.

Nearly half of the participants identified as Republicans with only 18% registered Democrats. Overall Trump was the favored candidate. Democrats naturally chose Clinton, but Donald gathered 51% of the female vote to Clinton’s 24%.


Initially, campaign experts believed Donald’s lack of foreign policy experience could hurt his numbers in the military. Clearly, his experience is not hurting his favorability among our nation's troops. Mr. Trump can’t match Clinton’s international experience. But, his inexperience is what makes him so appealing. Hillary’s long career has blinded her from real issues in the country.

Donald is a man of the people who see’s that Americans are scared and want a stronger military. He’s openly stated that he will rebuild our military and ensure that American lives are always protected. Our troops want to protect the country they love and Donald is the only candidate who will let them perform their duties.