This Media Man's Support For Donald PROVES He's The HONEST Patriot Our Nation NEEDS!

For months, Sean Hannity of Fox News has been one of the only media personalities to defend Donald’s campaign.

Like so many Trump fans, Sean is sick of the crooked bureaucracy of Washington and the bigoted media that hide its dishonesty.

Sean has purposed the President-Elect boycott the media after the controversies that followed his Trump Tower meeting with media executives.

“Fox News commentator Sean Hannity said that until journalists admit to colluding with Hillary Clinton’s campaign, President-elect Donald Trump should reconsider granting traditional access to reporters,” said Sean.

During the campaign, Hannity first showed his devotion to Trump after the mass media hit Trump hard with reports that funds he raised for veterans were misused for his campaign. During an interview with Donald, Hannity pointed out the obvious reasons why the reports are fabricated. Why would a billionaire need to steal from a charity?

“It seems like they [the media] only want to help Hillary Clinton get elected,” said Hannity.

Sean later went on to acknowledge that he would be voting for Mr. Trump in the fall and that his vote is not driven by any funding from Donald.

"You're not giving me anything. You know, I am not the corrupt press. I am actually the conservative [press]."

Thanks to Hannity's support and millions of votes Donald is now HEADING TO THE WHITE HOUSE!!

It appears that Hannity is still the only honorable host on TV. Share if you support his bravery to risk his job by opposing his corrupt peers.