This Journalist's Attack On Trump Will Leave You Completely SPEECHLESS

Move over, Megyn. It looks like another journalist is ready to take the spotlight for bashing Donald Trump: Andrea Mitchell.

Andrea took a seat on Meet the Press Easter Sunday with Chuck Todd to dish on, who else? Donald Trump.

Todd plays a piece of audio from Donald's recent interview with The Washington Post's editorial board. When asked if he would use a nuclear weapon--even if it would substantially reduce the risk of harm to ground troops--Trump stands strong in the belief that he would NOT want to start the process of nuclear.

After Trump ANSWERS the question, he asks if he could be introduced to the people in the room, and that's when NBC cuts off the audio.

Mitchell starts her rant by saying Trump "cannot stick to a subject." Even though we clearly hear Trump answer a question.

She then unleashes multiple allegations that Trump would cancel defense treaties, allow certain countries to go nuclear, and that he "is completely all over the lot on Iran." She ends by saying Trump "is completely uneducated about any part of the world."

An interesting allegation considering Trump's business is literally all over the world.

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