This INCREDIBLE Promise Proves Donald Will Support Our Troops

Donald Trump is not afraid to voice his opinions about the country’s depleting military and his New York victory speech showed how he plans to create significant changes.

He may not have fought in a war, but Donald spent his teens in a military academy and he understands the importance of our nation’s security.

Both terrorist and immigration threats have been a popular topic on the campaign trail and Donald intends to defeat both issues. His wall will potentially change the immigration crisis and his expansion of the military is set to defend the U.S. from Isis.

“We’re going to build our military bigger, better, stronger than ever before…nobody is going to mess with us—that I can tell you,” Trump told the massive crowd in NYC.

New Yorkers were especially comforted by his promise to increase our military. Security has played a crucial part in New York politics since September 11th.

Critics have denounced his plans to expand the military because of its potential cost. However, Trump has repeatedly informed that his new trade deals with China and protection contracts with the U.N. will help offset the cost.

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