This Fox News Anchor Told Cruz He Needs To Man Up

Fox News has made it very clear that they are not fans of Mr. Trump. But, they haven’t endorsed “Lying Ted” either. Even Fox knows better than to side with a candidate that is heading for a loss.

Ted repeatedly denied his involvement with the Melania Trump meme. He may not have been directly involved in the photo but the Super PAC ad did run on his behalf.

Candidates need to take responsibility for their supporters instead of turning their backs on them like Cruz. Recently, Fox news anchor and host of On The Record – Greta Van Susteren, took to twitter with a message for politicians like Cruz.

Clearly, the anchor is fed up with the countless excuses given by the Cruz campaign. For months, Ted has hidden his true colors and he appears to think he can hide them throughout the summer. But, his campaign will only go so far with these childish tactics that can be seen by every American who is heading to the polls.