The Media Needs Loves To Hate Trump, But Are They Helping Him Succeed?

The Trump Train triggered an American revolution and news outlets don’t seem to appreciate its impact. Love him or hate him, President Trump is great for ratings.

Numerous media companies – including FOX – have treated Trump as a joke for years now. The Huffington Post even promised to only feature him in their Entertainment section.

Yet, without Donald Trump, every single network would be covering the boring speeches of politicians that have lost the support of Americans. They may want to hate him, but his presence triggers emotions from every kind of American.

Of course, the networks are allowed to share their opinions of Trump without receiving any scrutiny. But, when he defends himself from the unprofessional attacks from the media, he is called a bigot.

Interestingly though, this just fuels a fire within Trump's supporters. They know the truth and hearing the fake news about him simply strengthens their support. This can only help him win a second term in 2020. Real supporters don't believe the lies told by the media and they're only being pushed further away from believing anything positive about the Democrats.