Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski Calls Melania Haters 'Digusting'

FINALLY, some celebrities are putting their political differences aside in order to defend privacy rights and shut down lies created by the vultures in the media!

Hollywood actress and popular model Emily Ratajkowski came to Melania Trump's defense on twitter following a shameful interaction with a New York Times reporter.

"Sat next to a journalist from the NYT last night who told me 'Melania is a hooker,'" tweeted Emily.

Ratajkowski continued to bash the reporter's remarks calling it "slut shamming" and defending that "gender specific attacks are disgusting sexist bulls--t." The un-named New York Times reporter was referencing the absurd rumors that Melania served as an escort in the 1990s'.

The accusations have been addressed by Melania's team in a lawsuit against the Mail Online blogger who started the rumor. FLOTUS and her lawyers are arguing that the fake news has made her brand lose “significant value” and has affected “major business opportunities that were otherwise available to her.”

Fortunately, some stars like Emily are helping to silence the haters and maintain Melania's "brand." Although Emily prides herself as a Bernie fan, she is an example of the millennial non-conformist who Donald Trump related with during the campaign. The President continually argued that some Bernie fans would eventually side with his passion for American freedoms, looks like he was right!

Emily has been a longtime supporter of women's rights and has continually stood up to some of her peers who attack fashionable women for being different. In 2016, she battled with Project Runway star Tim Gunn who called Emily's red carpet looks "appalling vulgar." It's fitting that a young supermodel like Emily came to Melania's defense. She can certainly relate to the First Lady's public career that is continually picked apart by greedy reporters who know nothing about her life behind the scenes.

Instead of flooding the internet with negative headlines, maybe the media can try to support their leaders for once! Melania has proven time and time again that she is nothing but an elegant women. She's been in the spotlight for decades and has built her own empire without the help of anyone. The rumors of her past are being spread by people who are jealous of her independence and success. As Emily points out in her twitter rant, voters don't care about her modeling career. They only care about the future and the work of her husband!

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