She Has An Incredible Response For Reporters Who Attack Her Father

The mass media has attacked Mr. Trump on female issues for years now.

But, his history speaks for itself. Mr. Trump is a proud father, husband, and an employer of strong women.

Unfortunately, most mass media outlets ignore the strong women who surround Donald and instead focus on attackers. Ivanka Trump has become her father’s biggest advocate and spokesperson for women's equality and her presence is powerful.

Repeatedly, Ivanka has made statements that display her father's neutral personality, which may be hard for some to see. Her defense has shown that he is an employer of more female executives than male executives and his political battles deal with both genders. Mr. Trump is not one to hold back. No matter if you are male or female, he will voice his opinion and share his views to better the country.

Furthermore, Ivanka's own success exemplifies Trump's close relationship with strong women. Her experience as a businesswoman has proven how his influence can empower women to become true leaders in America.

Just look at Ivanka defending her father in this instance to stand-up against the endless accusations that target Mr. Trump as a sexist.

She supported him then and she supports him now!