Question Of The Hour: Dissolve NATO Or Risk War With Russia?

In case you've been living in a cave beneath the ocean with your hands over your ears, last week Turkey shot down two Russian warplanes that violated their airspace near the Syrian border. CNN reports that "rebels" shot at the helpless pilots as they attempted to parachute to safety--one pilot was rescued, while the other was killed. It's a terrible turn of events that's weaving an even more tangled web of lies, confusion and controversy between NATO nations and Russia. Sure, it's an unfortunate event, but there's a lot more to the story than what's on the surface.

Let's go deep: Because of the NATO Alliance, shooting down a Russian plane over Turkey is the equivalent of the Russians violating the airspace of, say, New Jersey and getting shot down. Obama and various pundits are shocked--shocked that Russia would violate the airspace of another country? Pot meet kettle. The United States does it every day.

In fact, the U.S. not only violates the airspace of our allies, like Pakistan, we actually bomb them with drones. Forget allies, right? What are they going to do when we have billions of dollars propping up their government? Watch us violate your airspace Pakistan!

U.S. NeoCons, thirsty for another world war, don't care about airspace violations. For them, it's not just about bombing ISIS to oblivion, while simultaneously smashing the Assad Regime--these warmongers also want Russia destabilized. You know, the country that's sprinkled with enough nuclear weapons to wipe us off the face of the Earth? Great plan...

Let's not forget CNN calling these men "rebels". It's a wonder they don't call them murderous terrorists. That's because the Turks are considered "moderate rebels," people fighting the Assad Regime courtesy of your tax dollars to Turkey. How is it when you shoot innocent people you're considered a terrorist, but when you shoot helpless pilots (who were bombing ISIS) you're considered a "rebel"? See the difference?

The NATO Alliance is antique. It was designed as a way to organize allies against the former Soviet Union, but now it's a string trap for U.S. allies to get embroiled into a wider war with who else but Russia. The bigger question is, "why"? Russia is bombing ISIS--we're batting on the same team!

This is all because the U.S. is trying to thread a needle between ISIS thugs and "moderate rebels", AKA Al Qaeda. It's insane. We should be cheering the Russians for taking this ISIS mess off our hands. Instead, we've allowed our idiotic ally (Turkey) to drag us into their mess.

Not that it matters. Is there really any conflict in the world U.S. and NATO politicians haven't stuck their nose into?