This Study Proves That Our Brain Loves To Watch Trump

Trump fans know what they like and it turns out that most Americans like it too! They like to watch Trump be Trump.

This incredible research study observed brain patterns while various viewers watched clips of GOP candidates. Trump reigned victorious in a room filled with Republicans, Independents, AND Democrats.

CEO and SBB researcher, Sam Barnett, headed the study that discovered how Mr. Trump lights up the brain. He found that even though people may not agree with his policies, they still love to see him on screen.

He scored 35.9 points of engagement while other candidates were in the low twenties. The only candidate to compete with Trump was Marco Rubio, who just barely led engagement among men.

For weeks now Donald Trump has been explaining to the media how his personality is the reason for their great ratings. Well, now Mr. Trump has both scientific data and rating's reports to prove to stations that no matter what he talks about people will always tune in!