Trump Surprised Some Youngsters In The Rose Garden - What Came Next Left One Mom Crying

This week, the President kicked off 'Take Your Child To Work Day' by stepping out in front of a crowd full of excited youngsters in the Rose Garden.

But, one little toddler was clearly more excited then the rest. He managed to slipped from the group and go running straight towards the most powerful man in the world.

While some children screamed 'Hey President!' Sarah Huckabee Sanders son Huck blew right past Donald and into the arms of his mother. The absolutely adorable moment left the crowd crying with laughter, even Trump got a kick out of the little guy.

The President took a second to reach over and pat the young man on his head while he hugged his mom close. Huck's innocence surely reminded everyone in the White House that at the end of the day their work is not about politics or titles, it's about helping Americans create loving moments just like Huck's big hug.

The youngster saw what he wanted and went straight for it! His maneuver is quite symbolic for the President who is trying to rid Washington of bureaucracy and politics. Huck wasn't worried about the power behind Trump's office. It's safe to say that all of the children in the crowd were quite unaware of how critical their meeting would be to them one day. For now, they were just meeting a nice man at a really big house!

It might be a good idea for Congress to take a page out of Huck's book. Donald is a businessman that wants to make things happen. He wants to be quick and efficient so he can get America to where it needs to go. It's time for other politicians to put aside their hatred for the administration and just work with the team to get the job done right.

Fortunately, both dems and republicans seemed to find the moment to be precious. Take a look at some of the reactions on twitter.