Van Jones Risks His Job At CNN With This SHOCKING Trump Comment

It's hard to believe but a CNN personality actually gave Mr. Trump a compliment on live tv! Liberal Trump haters found themselves baffled on Tuesday night when they tuned in to their favorite fake news network and discovered that Trump bashing wasn't the tone of the evening.

Following Donald's first joint speech to congress, Van Jones went on air and said that the President's tribute to Navy Seal Ryan Owens was “one of the most extraordinary moments you have ever seen in American politics, period.” It's one thing to compliment Donald for his rhetoric, but to declare the moment historic, that's a proclamation that would stun Trump himself.

Jones went on to say that Trump officially "became the President of the United States" during the speech and how he potentially locked-in a second term. Van even became emotional as he described the moment when cameras faced Owens tearful widow who sat in the crowd listening to the President. Your husband's legacy is “etched into eternity,” Trump said to Carryn Owens who received a standing ovation from both republicans AND democrats.

Ryan Owens death has sadly become a pawn in the war between Trump and the media. The Navy Seal was tragically killed during an operation on Yemen that also cost the lives of children. The pentagon has reported that the raid resulted "actionable intelligence" for the nation's safety. However, the purpose of the raid was made controversial when Owen's father questioned its execution. The operation was put on hold by Obama's administration then carried out by Trump five days after his inauguration.

The controversies surrounding Owens death were certainly put aside and replacement with nothing but respect and love as Trump honored the fallen soldier. As Jones said, the moment was historic because it showed a different side of Mr. Trump that is able to unite the country with a passion for our nation and the people who fight for its freedoms.

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