Obama Facing JAIL TIME After Very Important Item Goes Missing From White House

The media is attacking Trump every single day and yet Obama managed to sneak out of the Oval Office before people started raising questions about the $2.6 billion missing from the U.S. government!

A MRC Blog reported that an audit by the Inspector General caught the people responsible for the left and cited that the Obama's actions enabled them to take the money from National Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP.

““We found that 3,394 authorized SNAP retailers (retailers) used Social Security Numbers (SSN) that matched SSNs of deceased people. Additionally, 193 retailers listed owners who were not at least 18 years of age. While FNS did have some controls to edit or verify SNAP retail owner information, these controls were not adequate to ensure owner information accuracy.” said the Inspector General.

According to the Social Security "Death Master File," the stamps were used by 1,819 people who were known to be deceased.

The 193 retailers who violated the age regulation redeemed roughly $41 million in food stamps. Furthermore, in 2015, the Federal Government spent $75 billion on the food stamp program. Where is the accountability? No wonder Donald Trump is raising questions about voter fraud when dead people are stealing food stamps! Trump has argued time and time again that the exact same tactics are being used in voting booths around the nation.

Even with the discovery of fraud, there is ultimately no action coming from the government to discover how Obama let this happen under his watch. Both identity theft and the theft of food stamps are considered federal crimes. Change cannot be made until the people at the top are held responsible for allowing such waste to take place.

What could the American people do with the $2.6 billion that was illegally distributed? It could have gone to schools, or the military, OR the actual living children who need the food stamps. Instead, poor governing from Obama allowed it to be hustled and true Americans slip through the cracks!

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