Our Hearts Are Breaking For The Latest Victim Of Cyberbullying: 10-Year-Old Barron Trump

It's now been months and there are still millions of people who have yet to get over President Donald Trump's victory, and now they've found a new ridiculous and incredibly cruel outlet to express their views. Following Trump's inauguration, people took to social media to attack Barron Trump, our president's 10-year-old son.

Barron Trump becomes victim of cyberbullying

There's a very basic courtesy when it comes to press coverage of a president's underage children - you leave them out of it and give them the rightful benefit of privacy. But as if bashing President Trump isn't already absurd enough, especially at this point, countless Twitter users cut through little Barron's physical appearance and attitude like a hot knife through butter - in the most savage and monstrous way possible.

Victim Of Cyberbullying

Some wrote that he looks like a future rapist and was walking around the White House looking for things to burn. Twitter user @JoeMande even wrote that he "will be mutilating cats on the White House lawn."

"There is a rumor, that the little spawn of the devil, Barron Trump/Damien, is autistic," tweeted DJ Pure Applesauce (@DJ_P_Applesauce).

Others, like Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich, even took it as far as calling him "this country's first homeschool shooter." Her tweet has since been deleted, as it should be!

But the mocking didn't end there. Youtube gamer Jesse Cox tweeted that he actually hates Barron - and the reasons why are absolutely ridiculous.

"I'm gonna say it. I HATE Barron Trump," he wrote. "He always looks bored, tired, and smug. At least pretend like you were raised right."

Barron is just a child, and to mock someone at his age is simply inhuman! He has done nothing wrong and has now been thrown into a position that can greatly affect his wellbeing, especially when he's accused of being a murderer.

In fact, youth who experience cyberbullying are more likely to experience mental health problems that can persist into adulthood.

He's Just A Kid

As often as he was attacked by celebrities and countless other cowards, Barron was still defended by people who realize that putting a 10-year-old in the spotlight attached to barbaric comments is outrageous.

Even former first daughter Chelsea Clinton was quick to defend our president's youngest.

"Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does - to be a kid," she wrote in a Facebook post.

The good news after all this hate is that First Lady Melania Trump plans to combat cyberbullying, and we're confident that she'll do everything in her power to put inhuman remarks like these to rest!