Of Course Donald Trump Fits The Description Of A Fascist

In an attempt to steer the GOP nomination toward their latest pick, Ted Cruz, CNN dropped the F-bomb on Donald Trump calling him a fascist. Sure, the article reads, "some conservatives say," but this is merely a smoke screen so that CNN can say it, regardless of if the statement is true.

So, is Donald Trump a fascist? Of course he is! But he's no more or less a fascist than the rest of the GOP--or, for that matter, the Democratic Party and most members of Congress.

The epicenter of fascism isn't all swastikas and anti-Semitism, it's the nexus of government power and corporate power. In America, we like to pretend that corporations and the government remain separate, but they get closer every day.

There is a vicious cycle in Congress. Congress constantly passes laws that regulate businesses, which leads businesses to lobby, which creates more laws regulating business, which then draws in more business toward the government. It's an endless downward spiral...

While regulating raw milk and similar have been a disaster, the lobbying is nothing compared to the government largess our nation's defense industry gets directly from the government. Billions of dollars pour into defense spending every year and the more bombs that get launched, the more money is made.

Do you think these people lobby for peace?

Donald Trump is just the most blatant symptom of a disease that's been eating away at the body politic for years: Greed. He's a crony-capitalist with dreams of putting his finger on the button to launch his own wars.

Politicians claim they want to get the economy moving again. Well, did World War II fix everything in America? No, it did not. Time and time again, politicians neglect history and forget common sense---their primary concern seems to be money, and in the back of their minds, "Do you want to look like a wimp in front of the Russians?"

With a GOP fighting over who can give the Pentagon the most money, while our currency crumbles and we all go broke, how can you be surprised? What other jobs will be left as we hollow out what's left of America to bomb everywhere else? When people are starving in the streets, broken and dejected our government will use bright, shiny uniforms as a quick way to get everyone focused on a job. It's happened before.

Donald Trump and everyone running for president that isn't talking about dismantling our ridiculous, unsustainable Empire is, essentially, a fascist in the making. There will only be two choices in the years to come: 1) Give up our deluded dreams of policing the world and bring our troops home. Or, 2) "temporarily" come down harder and harder on our liberties to maintain order.

Do you see any candidates who want to give up power running for president?