BREAKING: Intelligence Finds Obama 'Shadow Government' Sabotaging Trump From The Inside

Sources from Breitbart have revealed that a "shadow government" left behind from the Obama administration is directly tied to recent White House leaks!

White House insiders have suggested that their first accomplishment was the removal of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. What's next on their list?

The Washington Free Beacon is leading the charge to reveal the team that is undermining Trump in order to prevent further disruptions. Their sources say the operation is a “secret, months-long campaign by former Obama administration confidantes to handicap President Donald Trump’s national security apparatus and preserve the nuclear deal with Iran.”In fact, according to the Free Beacon the leakers are headed specifically by former Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes. The Deputy is apparently driven by his passion for maintaining Obama's Iran deal and fighting Trump's decision to renegotiate.

Retired Lt. Colonel Tony Schaffer, appeared on Fox Business to speak about Obama's part in the leaks saying that suspects in the Flynn case should be narrowed by who had Top Secret access at the time. This may be an obvious clue for most people, however, despite Trump's orders to find the leaks there have been zero investigations. Is the investigation halted because of these supposed Obama insiders?

According to retired Lt. General William Jerry Boykin, the Flynn case was jumpstarted by the leakers when they forced Trump to fire Attorney General Sally Yates. The former judge was briefly made famous for her distain over Donald's immigration ban. Boykin continued that the Obama loyalists would do just about anything to “preserve the legacy of the last president,” even if that means using Yates as a martyr.

The New York post has taken the theory further by hinting that Obama is directly pulling the strings. Paul Sperry has noted that Obama may be coordinating with leftist non-profits dubbed 'Organizing for Action.' Currently they are building 250 offices around the country. This could be the real reason Obama decided to rent a house in D.C. instead of fleeing to warmer climates like previous presidents.

If the left can speculate that Trump had insiders destroying Clinton's campaign, then why can't the right start investigations to reveal Obama's heckling. These reports are not coming from random bloggers with no creditability. The sources are coming straight from top news networks and military personnel. It's only a matter of time before Trump get's a team together to fish out the leakers and shut down Obama for good!

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