Protestors Launch Sit-In Against Trump's RIGHTFUL Pick For Attorney General

Four people were escorted from Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing for Attorney General. It's not clear how the protestors were able to breach security and enter the hearing that was broadcasted live. Fortunately, they were immediately removed from the room before they hindered Sessions speech.

Their protest come just after six liberal instigators were arrested for trespassing at the Mobile office of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions. The protestors were a part of a coordinated attack from a number of liberal groups who wish to stop Sessions from becoming the next Attorney General.

Many of the protestors were associated with the NAACP and sat on the floor of the Senators office tweeting photos in the name of the organization. According to NAACP president and CEO Cornell William Brooks, this will not be the last protest by the groups. Furthermore, a letter signed by liberal law school professors was sent to the press saying Sessions won't be fitting for the LGBTQ community.

“We are convinced that Jeff Sessions will not fairly enforce our nation’s laws and promote justice and equality in the United States," said the letter.


Even a group of marijuana activists has joined the game by sending a similar letter promising to protest Sessions and his conservative views against legalizing the drug.

Unfortunately, the acts of these groups have triggered a massive response from liberal media outlets who are praising the protests. So far, they've pushed their limits by suggesting that the Senator is hiding records that could sully his nomination. Questions about these supposed records will be asked during Sessions confirmation hearing set for later this week.

Despite the protests, a plethora of supporters have come out to counter the ambiguous accusations placed upon Sessions.

Peter Nunez, a colleague of Sessions during the Reagan administration, stated “He’s a strong advocate for the rule of law, who is trying to do what’s best for the country.” Nuez backed Donald's statement in November saying, “Jeff is greatly admired by legal scholars and virtually everyone who knows him.”

Almost every Trump nomination has been under attack from the extreme left. It's no surprise that Sessions has come under fire given the continuous complaining from liberals. But, the absurdity will eventually come to an end. It will end when Donald Trump is sworn into office and his staff are able to get to work and prove that conservative values are a positive and not negative thing to behold. Even with the endless insults, Mr. Trump will do what's right for the country. He's promised to do so time and time again. The media can try all they like to squander his efforts and staff but soon they'll see Trumps America which is safer, more prosperous, and patriotic.