'My Better Half' - Trump Tells His Colleagues Where He Stands With Wife Melania

Melania Trump's birthday is creeping up and the President is making some plans to make her day special. While reporters are bashing the First Couple's relationship, Donald has been sending out emails of love saying that his wife is his "rock."

The President and his team put together a staff-wide email asking fans of the First Lady to sign her birthday card.

“This month, our family is looking forward to a very special day. Please join us in celebrating the First Lady and my beautiful, kind-hearted and exceptional wife Melania's birthday by signing her card."

"Melania is my rock and foundation, and I wouldn’t be the man I am today without her by my side."

"She's the cornerstone of our family, and an incredible mother to our son, Barron. I'm so proud of her accomplishments, and I hope you'll wish her well on her special day.”

Donald and his beautiful wife Melania were married back in 2006. At the time, Melania was coming off of a long career as a model and Donald was at the peak of his TV career staring Celebrity Apprentice. They were certainly in the spotlight back then. Dozens of top celebrities attending their wedding including Bill and Hillary Clinton!

However, the Trumps never could anticipate that their public relationship could become what it is today. The couple has struggled with endless rumors since Donald entered the office. Most recently, Donald has been caught in a scandal in which his personal lawyer allegedly paid adult film star Stormy Daniels to hide an affair with Trump.

Daniels appeared in court to testify against Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen just days before Melania Trump celebrates her birthday. But, judging by the messages coming from the White House; the President and his wife aren't phased by the tabloid news.

Let us know what you and your friends think of Trump's birthday message. Do you think he's being genuine or is he trying to take the spotlight away from Stormy Daniels?