Melania Is Demanding An Apology After A Youtuber Harassed Her Family

Melania Turmp’s Lawyer Charles Hader has issued a statement asking for a formal apology from the Youtuber who posted a video that suggested her son Barron has autism.

James Hunter shared the video with the hope that people would “stop bullying” him on social media. He said that he truly believed Barron was “on the spectrum” and never meant for the post to be a bullying video.

Harder of Harder Mirell and Adams LLP told US Weekly that although the video includes the hashtag “StopTheBullying,” it is its own form of bullying by making false accusations for the purpose of “harassing” Barron and his parents.

The video was shared thousands of times on YouTube and grabbed the attention of entertainer Rossie O’Donnell who tweeted “Barron Trump Autistic? If so, what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic.”

Rossie was also brought under fire for acknowledging the rumors. O’Donnell, who is the mother of an autistic child, followed up her statement on her website saying that she only shared the video because if it were true it would “help so much with the autism epidemic.”

Melania’s lawyer is not pursuing charges against O’Donnell. However, James Hunter will be removing the video from Youtube and publishing “a full retraction and apology to Melania and Barron Trump.”

"I never ever meant this as a bullying video," Hunter wrote. "As someone who was diagnosed at age 5 and has gone through bullying myself, I would NEVER do something like that. I made this because I truly believed Barron was on the spectrum, and I wanted people to stop bullying him over his 'weird' behavior and explain to them that it might actually be due to a condition. ... I have a great respect for [Melania] and her family. I never meant to hurt anyone," said Hunter.