Her Traditional Parenting Values Are What Our Nation Needs To Be Great

Melania Trump has been bouncing back and forth from NYC, Florida, and Washington in an attempt to run the FLOTUS office and still remain a loving partner to Donald. But, despite her busy life at the White House, her first role is 'mother'.

The political world can be a tough environment and children often can’t understand the magnitude of the atmosphere.

Melania Trump has tried her best to protect her 10-year-old Barron from the continual media coverage, which is not always positive.

The new first lady spoke with US Weekly and revealed some of her parenting methods used during the chaos of the 2016 campaign. Hateful comments about his father are certainly Melania’s biggest concern.

“We’re dealing with it and I’m teaching [Barron] the right way and giving him morals and tradition and teaching him values.”

She told the magazine that Barron supports his dad 100 percent. Naturally, Donald Sr. is rarely home these days and Melania admits that bother her and Barron miss him but they understand that his mission is what’s most important for their family and the country.

Since Donald is away for days at a time, Melania has spent most of the campaign back home with Barron. Since the beginning of the campaign, it’s been clear that she only appears when it’s absolutely necessary.

“I’m home most of the time with him and being a parent to him. He’s 10 years old and he needs somebody at home,” said Melania.

It seems that almost nothing can pull this loving mother away from her child. In time, we may get a closer look at this beautiful family and their stylish lives as they help make America great again!

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