Melania Trump Caught In Mexico Controversy After This Photo Got Out

Just when you think the media can no longer surprise the world, they manage to turn a fashion magazine into an international crisis!

Melania Trump is no stranger to photoshoots. But, the new First Lady could never have anticipated the immense backlash from her latest cover shoot. FLOTUS was featured on the cover of Vanity Fair Mexico and some of our Southern neighbors are not taking the matter lightly.

Tensions between the United States and Mexico are at an all time high after the Mexican President arrogantly turned down Trump's offer to meet and discuss the border wall. Vanity Fair may call the issue bad timing, but some think it was a pathetic way to trigger more hostility between the two nations. Obviously, this wouldn't be the first time a tabloid magazine tried to stir unnecessary controversy.

“I started reading this and I couldn’t finish. I didn’t want to know anything about the wife of our country’s No 1 enemy,” said Guadalupe Loaeza, a Mexican author and columnist.

Enemy? Let's take a minute to calm down and recognize that it's a harmless magazine cover! Twitter trolls are finding any angle to attack Mrs. Trump for simply taking a picture with some jewelry on her wrist. Some citizens are attacking Melania for her expensive outfit saying it was mocking the nation's poverty. Others are specifically targeting Vanity Fair for using her as a political stunt.

“Thank you @VanityFairMX for putting Melania Trump on the cover. Great example of sensitivity, empathy, patriotism and editorial intelligence,” tweeted Denise Dresser.

Vanity Fair is to blame after this cover turned into a disaster. Melania is a former model and fashionista. Like her husband, she's just starting out in the political spotlight and seasoned publishers are lowering their standards to capitalize on the Trump name. The overreacting needs to stop so the Trump family can leave a somewhat normal life and let Donald worry about running the country!