Melania Trump 'Horrified' In New Video - Do You Think FLOTUS Was Scared?

The world is officially losing its mind. Donald and Melania Trump met with Vladimir Putin, which naturally left the media spinning out of control.

Did Donald and Putin work together to take down Hillary? Is Donald a puppet for Russia? The same old questions are on repeat. But, now, everyone seems to be adverting their attention away from Donald and towards Melania - particularly her terrified look in this photo!

FLOTUS definitely looks like she has a lot going on her in head here. The snapshot was captured just seconds after she shook Putin's hand. Mrs. Trump went in for the handshake with a big and photo ready smile. Still, she couldn't fool anyone with her smirk afterward.

Is she scared? Is she nervous? Of course, the media, including PEOPLE Magezine, are suggesting that Melania is "horrified." People hit titter saying things like, “Can’t stop watching this clip of Melania’s face post-Putin. Haunting.”

“Watch Melania’s face, she’s terrified. I’m starting to feel for her,” said another Twitter commenter.

Sure, she may be a little scared. After all, it is Vladimir Putin. Who could blame her?. But, let's give Melania some credit here. This lady has sat at tables with important politicians, movie stars, models, and fashion gods. We're guessing that for a split second FLOTUS simply was taking in all the cameras that were about to attack her.

Regardless if she's scared or not, this trending photo proves that Melania can't make a single move without being attacked. Whether it's her expression, tone, or clothing, she's always subjected to scrutiny.

Let us know what you think of the photo. Is her expressing worth the worry from fans? Or, should people just back off this time?