Melania Trump Flees The Country Sending A Fiery Statement To The World

Melania Trump has the left the White House and she's looking happy and healthy! FLOTUS has had a rough few weeks following the kidney surgery that kept her inside for much of the summer.

Fortunately, the First Lady seems like she's bounced back with her fierce and fiery look. Cameras shot off snapshots of Melania wearing an incredible Republican red sweater before boarding Marine One with her husband as they head off to the U.K.

She managed to look both comfy and professional with a mid-length khaki skirt from Paris-based designer Martin Grant. But, the show stopper for this beautiful outfit is without a doubt her choice of shoes. Melania's footwear proved that she is absolutely ready to head to Europe. Her Christian Louboutin heels are so European that they are actually stamped with the word "Paris."

FLOTUS has been making a few lovely fashion choices as she's eased herself into the summer spotlight. Her Fourth of July red, white, and blue outfit just screamed "God Bless America." She celebrated the Independence Day picnic with a Ralph Lauren “Rivera” gingham dress tied with a crimson red leather belt by Alexander McQueen. And of course, she had on red Christian Louboutin flats. Is it really a Melania outfit without Christian Louboutin?

Just before her Fourth of July appearance, Melania showed off her model figure with a late spring/early summer ensemble. Somehow this beauty can make a casual pink sweater and pair of skinny ankle pants look so darn elegant. Her pink Prada sweater costs a wild $693 and her Saint Laurent sunglasses are sold out already!

Whenever she steps foot in the White House, you know Melania is going to wow everyone with something that's high fashion yet businesslike. For Donald's Supreme Court announcement, she showed up in black and white! Her black pencil skirt came down to her knee and her soft camel colored hair hung down around an incredible neckline on her white and black striped top.

We can all agree that Melania is killing it this summer! Though her best look is probably yet to come, we think this one is leading the race. This cotton print midi dress from Erdem with burnt orange pumps and belt just screams Melania. Add on the oversized glasses and this outfit becomes the signature Melania look. The dress colored with birds and plants sells for a whopping $1,294.

Let us know if you are falling in love we Melania's summer wardrobe. We know we are!