Melania And Ivanka Trump Featured In '50 Most Beautiful List' - See Who Didn't Make The Cut

First Lady Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump have made it onto The Hill's annual '50 Most Beautiful List. The list is made up of Washingtons biggest faces including politicians, staffers, and lobbyists.

It's no surprise that the former models found their way onto the list. But, some readers are wondering why the Obama's were left off after being featured in 2015.

The Obama's are still frequenting Washington circles despite Barrack's claims that he wants to take a break from politics. However, the guidelines of the list say that it applies to “anyone who regularly works in politics and is primarily based in Washington.” Maybe the Obama's aren't as connected as they think they are. Ivanka had no trouble finding a way onto this year's list after officially taking a Presidential Advisor position which the Hill described as the “administration’s point person on child care policies."

Unlike similar lists from gossip magazines like People, there's no ranking system for this list. Instead, the participants are put in alphabetical order to avoid as much controversy as possible. Some featured faces are pulled from the media including CBS correspondent Errol Barnett and CNN White House Reporter Kate Bennett. However, not everyone wants to see their name published. According to the Hill, a few people turned them down including Senator Kamala Harris who "politely declined."

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