Megyn Kelly Proves The Media Is Just As Corrupt As The Politicians They Cover

Turns out Megyn Kelly is just as bad as Donald Trump when it comes to not being able to let things go. Kelly is using the Fox airwaves as her sounding board to complain about GOP candidates placing too many demands on the network for the next debate. Liberal media sites are having a field day with it. Because nothing excites democrats more than seeing Fox News turn on "one of their own". It's the sort of raucous glee you would have heard back when George W. Bush's approval ratings were north of 70 and democrats were seriously considering rebranding to the "Near Republican Party".

But these partisan liberals aren't parsing what's really happening here. Kelly is talking about Republicans' list of demands as if she's never gotten marching orders from an interviewee before. Fox News is no different from the rest of the incredibly compromised TV media (albeit more blatantly Republican).

Currently, the Fox News organization gets their orders from Roger Ailes, who is known for his "hands on" approach to producing. His spin isn't just Republican, it's NeoCon Republican with a dash of "if it bleeds, it leads" thrown in the mix for profit's sake. Keep in mind, Ailes was once a Nixon operative, which means he crawled out of the same black slime that spawned Cheney.

So, how can Kelly get away with slamming GOP candidates on Fox? Well, it isn't because of her ego. Ailes has proven time and time again that he'll fire any employee that doesn't comply with the station's viewpoints. No, Kelly's insult is just an excuse for the network to go after Trump and Carson, two populists who are in the lead for the GOP nomination. Ailes, the NeoCons, and the various backers of the GOP can't control a populist candidate--they aren't as easily bought, since their campaign funds are mostly out of pocket.

Candidates like Mark Rubio and Jeb Bush? They need the backers, since no sane person would support them without a PR blitz. Bush and Rubio would kiss any ring, bow to any master, and grease any palm they needed to get elected. Then they would feel obligated to return that favor to whatever military-industrial-complex member, or agent of AIPAC, helped them out. How do you think Katherine Harris got into Congress?

Not even a child would believe debate questions from moderators weren't pre-approved by candidates. The American media goes to great lengths to maintain their "exclusive" access to candidates and to make boring, heavily-influenced elections look like a real horse race.

Meanwhile, the people of the United States are sick of career politicians littering the podiums at each debate. Could Chris Christie have looked more like a Boss Tweed thug? Cruz looks like a Southern preacher with a dark secret, and Carly Fiorina's presence is so transparent as the only woman on stage, you might as well sew the letters VP to her lapel once Hillary gets the nomination. Assuming Carly doesn't bankrupt the seamstress and fire her before the job's finished.

These debates have been a sad, pony show since Ross Perot was driven out by the two major two political parties. At least the RNC and DNC can always agree on one thing: No third parties are welcomed in the debates. We only have time for "serious" candidates. Seriously?

Sure, the two-party system might have worked for years, but now mutiny is brewing within the parties themselves. It started in the GOP, with the disgraceful treatment of Ron Paul and his state-level supporters. Trump and Carson will be in for an upward battle if they think the moneymen will let them waltz into the one and two positions. Even democrats are facing mutiny among themselves as they continue to conduct their Socialist experiment with Bernie Sanders.

Maybe another Clinton Administration will be a good thing. It would destroy the current GOP so much so that the next populist uprising would be unstoppable, and would finally shake liberals from their long Clintonian-style slumber. One thing is for sure, by the time the next election rolls around talking heads like Megyn Kelly and their pretend concern for journalistic ethics will be long gone.

I hope you save your money, Megyn. TV's days are numbered, and when it comes to credibility, the Internet has no mercy.