Finally! Megyn Kelly Officially Agrees To LEAVE Fox News

After nearly thirteen years behind a desk at FOX News, Megyn Kelly has decided to jump ship and head to NBC for a daytime gig.

Kelly's representatives say that the change is not due to money or her newly revamped image, instead she made the change in order to create a better schedule for her family.

Regardless of how or why she's leaving the mostly Republican network, Trump fans are shouting for joy after hearing the news. They've been waiting for Kelly to quit their Network ever since she first attacked Trump during a 2016 Primary debate. She used her aggressive dispute with Donald to gain a strange following of Trump haters who loved her celebrity. Sure, her negative attitude might have helped her show succeed for a few months but Trump still won and he's heading to the White House for four years!

While her FOX departure is not shocking, it is odd that Kelly is willing to trade her Primetime spot for a daytime show. She's certainly taking a step back from the glam of nightly news. Many have tried to make the move to daytime and have failed.

Legendary anchor Katie Couric tried the same transition. The former "Today" co-host and CBS reporter lasted just two short years on an ABC daytime show. Even CNN's big hitter, Anderson Cooper, tried to make it during the day and barely got through two seasons. Only top stars like Oprah are able to maintain a large enough following to compete with soap operas and sitcom re-runs. It's safe to say that Kelly is no Oprah.

NBC Universal Chairman Andrew Lack released a statement saying, “Megyn is an exceptional journalist and news anchor, who has had an extraordinary career...She’s demonstrated tremendous skill and poise, and we’re lucky to have her.”

Fox New's has not released any hints about her replacement. Without her, the network will be concentrating on Bill o'Reilly who continually holds the highest ratings for a cable news show. The Wall Street Journal has said that Kelly is expected to take a jump in pay from $12 million to $20 million when she makes the jump to Fox.

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