Megyn Kelly Is Finally Left Speechless

When you’re the Republican front-runner you need to have a thick skin. Donald Trump has shown time and time again that he has the fortitude to take on certain media outlets or anchors that only want ratings. Megyn Kelly is at the top of Trumps list and now he’s using Twitter to win the battle.

It’s been months since Megyn and Trump went head to head, but he hasn’t forgotten. After his win in Florida, Trump went to the TV to watch the coverage and was surprisingly turned off when he saw Megyn on Fox. The candidate decided it’s best to fight fire with fire and took to Twitter to show his destain for unprofessional news anchors.

Take a look at some of Trump's tweets that may have finally caused Megyn to question her point of view. She’s set to be a moderator at the next GOP debate. Trump has previously shown that he won’t partake in any debate when she is on stage. There’s no news on whether or not he will attend. But, judging by his recent wins it seems like missing a debate won’t hurt his momentum.