Ivanka Trump Says She Supports The President But Will Not Fill In As First Lady

“There is one first lady, and she’ll do remarkable things,” said Ivanka Trump during an interview with ABC News.

The President's eldest daughter spoke with "20/20" host Deborah Roberts about the speculations that she will be replacing her step-mother Melania Trump in FLOTUS roles. Rumors began after it was revealed that the new First Lady would not be following Trump to Washington until the summer.

Ivanka continued that any such rumor is an "inappropriate observation." Much of the country's voters have praised the First Lady's decision to remain in NYC until her son Barron finishes the school year. Mothers can certainly relate with Melania who doesn't want to throw her ten-year-old son into a new school after the stressful year of campaigning. The media needs to stop making assumptions and instead focus on the facts. Melania will be there some summer and she's shown immense interest in representing the office and the American people. For now, he main goal is to concentrate on issues such as cyberbullying.

As for Ivanka, her and Jared Kushner are moved into their $5 million Washington home that is just around the corner from the Obama's new digs. Jared will be busy heading to the White House each day to advice the President. Unlike Kushner, Ivanka won't be heading to an office. This mother has stepped away from her very own fashion company and her father's brand in order to avoid any conflicts of interest. Instead, she will be focusing on her children and promoting her new book, Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success.

Check out the entire interview that shows Ivanka's big plans for the next few months!