Is Ivanka Running For President?! Trump Responds To The 2024 Campaign Rumors

Ivanka Trump's promotion and new West Wing office has ignited a few rumors saying that the former fashionista is making a move for her father's desk.

CBS anchor Gayle King had a moment to sit down with America's First Daughter and asked if ”voters should get their Ivanka 2024 campaign signs out” what would she do?

To much surprise, Ivanka quickly answered "No," and said that politics is a “vicious business.” But, fans of the First Daughter shouldn't put down the signs just yet. Even Donald shied away from the idea of politics early on in his career. Right now, her three children are still barely school-aged and Ivanka has made it very clear that they are the focus of her world for the time being.

Ivanka's political career so far has been connected to women's rights, especially her fight for equal pay in the workplace and paid maternity leave. In fact, her mission has been one of the early successes of Trump's White House and one of the few examples of a bipartisan issue that the left was able to put aside politics and work with Donald.

Her ambitions have spanned beyond American and struck a chord with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who prides himself on maintaining a staff of 50% women. Trudeau was so moved by her plans that the two of them helped launch the United States Canada Council for the Advancement of Women Business Leaders-Female Entrepreneurs.

Despite her immense success during her short White House career, there have been many harsh remarks made by the left who disagree with family in the White House. Ivanka has openly said that she never takes advantage of her relationship with the President. During her CBS interview admitted that when she disagrees with her father "he knows it" She continued to express that for her it is more about promoting her "viewpoints.”

Recently, Eric Trump suggested that his sister had a big influence on Donald's decision to act in Syria after the family was "heartbroken" by the troubling photos of Assad's war crimes. Ivanka has yet to make a statement on her involvement in the decision.

While some leftists may not love the idea of Ivanka weighing in on policy, for many Trump fans it's a welcomed tactic. Take a look at the entire CBS interview below and comment to let us know about your feelings on Ivanka.

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