Ivanka Takes Daughter Arabella To Supreme Court Hearing For 'IMPORTANT LESSON'

Ivanka Trump and her five-year-old daughter Arabella were spotted on a family field trip to the Supreme Court where Ivanka tweeted, "I'm grateful for the opportunity to teach her about the judicial system in our country firsthand."

The appearance came during a crucial time when tensions between the White House and the courts are at an all time high. Following the decision in the Ninth Circuit to uphold a ruling that blocked his travel ban, Trump said 'legal system is broken.' He later followed up saying that if the ruling ended in a terror attack the people should blame the court.

Arabella and her mother sat the "VIP section" and listened to the case "Kindered Nursing Centers L.P. v Clark." A Supreme Court hearing might not be the most exciting event for a five-year to do on her day off from school. But, this isn't the first time Arabella has made the rounds in Washington. Just a few weeks ago, she grabbed the attention of the world with her appearance at the Luna New Year party at the Chinese Embassy.

Guests at the party were overly joyed to see Arabella who has become quite the celebrity in China following a viral video showing her singing Tang Dynasty poems in Mandarin while dressed in traditional Chinese clothing.

Ivanka has been close to her father's side for weeks now. Today, she still does not have an official title in the White House. Yet, she's sat in on meetings with foreign leaders and is even working directly with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on a joint coalition to better women's rights in the work place.

Her continual presence in the Oval Office and around town has caused the media to speculate about her intensions. Rumors have even spread that she started to decorate the First Ladies office, which were utterly false! Ivanka spoke with “20/20” host Deborah Roberts about the speculations that she will be replacing Melania in FLOTUS roles.

“There is one first lady, and she’ll do remarkable things,” said Ivanka Trump during an interview with ABC News.

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