Hundreds of Military Bases Overseas Are Made of Your Money

Many Republicans love the U.S. military to a fault. As Democrats often need to create the image of victimization for minorities to justify their bloated government programs, so too do Republicans blindly idolize the military machine they often do not question. Every soldier, cop and firefighter are immediately heroes to be idolized and obeyed without question because the image of victimization says that they are constantly under "attack" from, well--- Something.

I may disagree with Democrats, Greens and liberals, but I don't think for a second if the Chinese invaded Alaska that my political rivals would do anything to undermine them. Why would they? They live in the U.S. too. They are human beings and most of them are sane, normal citizens like me. There is no organized group that's "attacking" U.S. soldiers or cops or firemen, so stop acting like there is, Republicans, or don't call yourselves Conservative. Call yourself paranoid, because that what you are.

The reason I bring this up is because the U.S. military has ballooned out of control and we have hundreds of military bases across the globe. This is to keep up the endless wars and occupation and it costs us billions of dollars each year. How many bases do we have exactly? Well, it's a little hard to pin down. It depends what you call a "base" and since some of the sites are classified or really just a bunch of warehouses with guards, we don't know the exact number. I'd go with Ron Paul's estimate ( of around 900 bases in 130 countries.

Now as a Libertarian, I'm not big on public buildings and government programs, but at least that's taxpayer money spent on me and my fellow citizens. These military bases, besides being incredibly wasteful, polluting and the driving force behind America's negative image around the world--- Take our taxpayer money and drain it away.

You can't get money back from weapons. They only destroy wealth and property. A tank cannot be repurposed, it can only be maintained, destroyed or left to rot. A bridge or public school or space program--- However wasteful the government runs it--- Will still give us something back.

The only thing these military bases are doing is enriching the Defense Contractors that supply them. And as we learned throughout the Bush Administration, crony capitalists don't provide good service. Just ask the U.S. soldiers that were electrocuted because of faulty wiring in their base. (

These hundreds of military bases are made of your tax dollars. Remember that next time you hear about cut backs in your government services and your taxes go up. Remember Republicans, cheering on this militarization is the same thing as taking your hard earned money and throwing it out into the street as the soldiers march by. Remember that when you pay lip service to the debt ceiling or scream about some modest government program that doesn't even come close to the billions being wasted overseas.

It's time to end of the Empire of Bases and bring the troops home before we all go broke. Time to grow up and stop playing the victim game.