How To Make A Movie Ready Smartphone Projector

Find Your Supplies

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A simple DIY home projector will only cost you about $5.00. In fact, you can find most of the tools right in your junk drawer.

You Will Need:

Shoebox Knife, scissor, or box cutter Magnifying glass Paper clip Pliers (optional) Duct tape Smartphone Smartphone charger (optional)

Center Your Magnifying Glass

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Find the center of your shoebox and trace the lens of your magnifying glass.

Cut Your Box

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Carefully use your knife, scissor, or box cutter to cut out the circular lens shape.

Fit Your Lens

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Situate your lens into the hole. If your magnifying glass has a long handle you may have to angle it to fit properly.

Break Out The Duck Tape

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Use duct tape to seal your magnifying glass into the hole. It’s important to make sure it fits tight and there are no areas where light can leak.

Find A Charge

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If you’re planning a movie marathon, then you may want to cut a hole for your cell phone charger. You can poke a hole in the back of the box and thread your charger through it.

Take A Stand

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If you don’t have an iPhone stand, then you can create one with your handy paper clip. It may take a few tries to bend the paperclip perfectly. You can also use a pair of pliers to get the right shape.

Configure Your Screen

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When light passes through a lens it is flipped upside down. You’ll have to flip your screen to situate your picture. For an iPhone, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > and turn on Assistive Touch. Next, select Device then Rotate Screen.

Place Your Phone

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Position your stand and iPhone in the box. It’s best to plug in your charger to avoid situating it during a movie.

Find Your Focus

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Point your box towards a blank wall in the room. You’ll have to move the iPhone back and forth in order to find your desired screen size. It’s best to place the phone towards the back of the box and move it forward to focus the picture.

Turn The Light Up


Make sure you turn off your cell phone's Auto Brightness and turn the light all the way up. This will make your picture bright and clear.

Turn The Lights Down

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It’s time to turn down the lights and enjoy your DIY home theater!