Here's Foreign Policy That Will Make Progress

American foreign policy has suffered enough the past seven years. With multiple crises ongoing in the Middle East, poor relations with Russia, and nonexistent talks with China (just to name a few), the American people are anxious for a leader that will finally unite the world.

When asked who he will consult with on foreign policy to be ready on day one as Mr. President, Donald Trump stepped up to the media with a shocking response.

"I'm speaking with myself," says Trump.

Donald credits his business relationships with people around the world as providing him with the knowledge, experience, and connections he needs to be his own advisor of sorts.

Trump even says that he talked about Osama Bin Laden before the World Trade Centers were attacked.

"I speak with a lot of people," says Trump. "But my primary consultant is myself."

His primary concern is eliminating ISIS but not just with ground troops--Trump would also consult key military leaders, businessmen, and get other nations involved so America is not fighting alone. FINALLY!

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