He Wants To Protect Our Citizens And He Knows What Measures To Take

The endless attacks around the world have caused Mr. Trump to grow more concerned about the safety of all Americans.

During an interview with Fox & Friends, Donald expressed that the country’s most important goal is to secure the borders and up surveillance. But this time, Mr. Trump was not referring to Mexico border.

“We have people coming in with no documentation and they could be members of ISIS – I would close up our borders until we figure out what’s going on.”

Clearly, Mr. Trump does not feel that the southern border will be enough to protect our country. The sporadic terrorist attacks throughout Europe show that greater measures are needed and Donald is ready to take action.

Trump has promised that he will take more tactical approaches to stopping the ISIS coalition. He’s suggested that stronger surveillance for targeted areas, like mosques, will be the smart and vigilant way to prevent attacks.

When Fox anchors questioned his motives, Mr. Trump fired back with many examples of attacks that could have been stopped had security teams been allowed to investigate threats more deeply.

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