Fiorina on Torture: Not This Again

I can't decide who Carly Fiorina is working for. Sometimes I think she's a plant for the Democrats looking to completely crush the GOP brand, but then I remember that's Trump's job. Then I think, "Well, maybe Mark Rubio hired her to look like an even bigger loser."

In a recent interview with Yahoo News, Fiorina went full Cheney and announced that she thinks that torture kept us all safe.

Really? So put aside that this issue has been put to rest dozens of times by the people who are actual experts at this. (Torture doesn't work, in case you were also pulling a full Cheney reading this). Let's examine the logic here in a hypothetical model.

If torture works, then all you need to do to get to the truth is to waterboard someone. Okay, let's say you believe torture works, but I don't believe you really believe that. I think you're just saying that because you think that's what Republicans want to hear. How do I determine whether or not you're lying? Oh, right, torture you.

So I call in my guys, we pin you down and start waterboarding you. Now if you're telling the truth, you're not going to change your story. No matter how much pain we cause you, right? No. Every person has a pain threshold and there's no way to measure it.

So even if torture works, my team of thugs might torture you past the point of your threshold. In that case, you're going to say anything to make the torture stop. Therefore, I've tortured you past the window of truth. Now you're lying to me, screaming that you don't believe in torture and won't you please stop your terrible pain.

Conversely, if you're lying and I get you to switch your story, you might just have a low threshold for pain. How can I make sure you're really telling the truth if I just stop early? Well, I can't, so I order my guys to continue to torture you. You might say all kinds of things then because you already told me the truth and you have to assume that wasn't what I wanted to hear. Because why would I keep torturing you?

The answer is: because I don't know the truth. And the fact that I would continue to torture you for hours "just be sure" would be a dead giveaway.

The reason torture works in the movies is because the audience either knows the truth or Jack Bauer reveals it in a following scene before the end. That's a plot device that retroactively justifies a character's bad behavior. You wouldn't like Batman very much if he beat the crap out of some guy who claimed to be the night janitor and then later, the Joker confirmed it. You'd say, "Wow, what an a-hole Batman is."

And what an a-hole Fiorina is for going down this path. I guess she's determined to be the next Giuliani: a fascist loser who'd have to torture me to get my vote. Even if she believe this crap, you'd think she'd be smart enough to go, "Ooo, better keep that to myself."

Drop out Fiorina. The first rule of politics is never pull a full Cheney.