Email: Not Even the CIA Can Do It Right

I predict it'll be at least another 20 years before all the old farts in Washington that can't seem to get their wrinkled old brains around email, are out of power. John Brennan, C.I.A. Director, is the latest Washington bureaucrat to get his email hacked. And he had an AOL account, no less! Was he using a dial up modem too?!

It's pretty sad when the people in charge of National Security, who bombard us daily with all the terrible threats from abroad, can't even protect themselves. In a bit of karmic justice, the entire story was broken by WikiLeaks. This no doubt gives comfort to Julian Assange while he continues to wash his socks in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. While CNN reported the story as if WikiLeaks had raped Brennan's family dog on their front lawn, actual news organizations revealed that Brennan talked torture and Iran. He simultaneously pushed for the CIA's independence from politics, while doing nothing BUT sucking up to the higher ups politically. What a sad joke he is.

This comes right on the heels of Hillary Clinton's email fiasco. While Brennan was passing along waterboarding tips, Clinton was forwarding classified information like a teenager girl on an Instagram account. Don't these people have advisers? Don't they have one computer nerd on the payroll that would explain how to make a fake email account and mask your IP address? I mean, jeez, at least be corrupt competently. You're embarrassing us all! But it's no surprise. It's the culture of Washington D.C. where being an arrogant dumbass gets you a promotion, instead of a talking to. Even General Patreaus won't go away! What exactly do you have to do to get fired in Washington and pushed out of polite society? No one got fired for September 11th, so I guess the answer is nothing.

As long as you're politically connected and part of the "team", just keep making sure one hand washes the other. Everyone in that sphere takes care of each other better than a group of crooked cops testifying at their partner's arraignment. Of course, if you're just Average Joe Six-Pack, watch out. That's when suddenly these people turn mean, turn up the heat and put you away for years. That's when laws suddenly matter. So to repeat: Brennan, head of all spies, can't secure his own email. If only there was a position higher than CIA Director. Well, George H.W. Bush held the office, so maybe they'll elect him president in a few cycles.

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, disobeys the rules, passes around classified documents and (as a bonus) gets one of our ambassadors killed. Will she be thrown in jail like Chelsea Manning or threatened with death, like Edward Snowden? No. The indolent masses that watch CNN are going to elect her president because there is a "D" next to her name! Then while her base sits around watching the Daily Show in the dorm of their free college, they can "Tsk-tsk" while Iran and the rest of the Middle East burns.