Donald's Road To Washington Is Identical To This Great Leader!

Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan have a special connection. Aside from being close friends and a rumored note from Reagan that suggested Trump should run for President, the two Washington "outsiders" even share similarities in their policies that are undeniable.

So, it makes sense that just as the media attempted to drag Reagan's name through the mud when his approval ratings dipped, that they would try to do the same with Donald.

An Associated Press poll released during the election reported that seven in 10 people have an unfavorable view of Donald Trump.

But, what's worth noting is that Ronald Reagan's favorability rating was also at about 30 percent in March 1980--with many GOP elites thinking he'd never take the GOP nomination.

Of course, Reagan did nab the nomination and went on to campaign for president. When he did, those same Republicans that doubted him before doubted his chances at beating Jimmy Charter in the general election.

He trailed Charter by 15 percentage points in March polls and then came from behind to sweep the presidency and land TWO TERMS.

If history repeats itself we could have yet another incredible presidency with Donald Trump at the helm to "Make America Great Again!"

Tell us what you think! Is Donald the next Reagan?