Donald's INCREDIBLE Promise To Veterans PROVES He's The PATRIOT Our Nation NEEDS!

When it comes to honoring the men and women of the United States who have fought for our freedom, Donald Trump is among the first to say "thank you." Unlike many politicians, Mr. Trump and Mr.Pence understand the hardships so many brave men and woman have to endure even after they've returned home.

So, when Donald took the podium at the 117th VFW National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, he was sure to praise the men and women who have fought so hard for our nation.

"Our veterans are the bravest and finest people on earth," says Donald.

But his Mr. Trump's tone quickly shifted as he addressed the hardships and scandals so many Americans continue to face.

"Your members have shed their blood and poured out their hearts for this nation like nobody else," says Donald. "Our debt to you is eternal."

Yet, under the current administration, there are more than 400,000 claims pending with the Veterans Benefits Administration.

"Our most basic commitment--to provide health and medical care to those who fought for us so bravely has been violated completely... many have died waiting for care that never came."

But Mr. Trump has offered a plan that changes the fate our country and finally gives back to those who need it most. His 10-point Veteran Affairs reform plan is the ground-breaking policy that will completely change the way healthcare is provided to our vets.

FINALLY, those brave soldiers will be able to see doctors they want to see when they want to see them.

Watch Donald's full speech below and SHARE if you're PROUD to support a politician who HONORS his promises to veterans!