Donald Wants This FOX Reporter To Follow Him ALL THE WAY To Washington

Trump is filling the White House with a new staff and soon the Press Room will be taken over by new reporters. Some of the media may be hesitant about stepping in front of the cameras, but Greta Van Susteren will not be one of them!

Former Fox News anchor, Greta Van Susteren became one of Donald’s favorite reporters after she sided with Trump’s views on the dangers of government spending. During the election, Greta was able to sit down with Donald and his son in a town hall meeting where an audience member asked if Van Susteren would ever have a place in Trump’s cabinet.

Donald was floored by the idea of including the ‘On the Record’ reporter in his team of advisors. “That’s not a bad idea, she would be excellent,” said Trump to an energetic applause. Trump shifted the question into talking about their shared views on the budget and how he plans to cut wasteful spending.

Although Greta laughed at the offer, it’s not a far-fetched idea. Donald is an outsider in Washington and he’s proven that Americans want new minds to enter the White House. Her career has allowed her to gain incredible knowledge of government policies and her experience would certainly be useful in a Trump administration.

Donald may not include Greta in his cabinet. However, it would not shock the Trump Train if she found a place as an advisor or at least become a close ally in the media.

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