This Powerful Struggle Made Barron The Most Talked About Trump On Social Media

Donald Trump has surpassed his 100th day in the Oval Office putting 28 executive orders behind him along with a massive list of Washington battles. Still, his immense agenda wasn't able to steal the show from another Trump, his 11 year-old-son Barron.

SocialFlow, a social media data platform, was able to calculate the most talked about stories on the web and found that headlines pertaining to Barron's bullying struggles topped the charts.

Following Trump's inauguration, Barron was unfairly targeted by bullies waiting on Twitter and Facebook for any opportunity to hurt the Trump family. Everything from his outfits to his mannerisms were scrutinized by internet trolls that poked fun at him and accused him of being autistic.

One youtuber broke down the First Son's every move during the RNC and inauguration and made a video describing how he is on the spectrum. Thanks to Melania Trump's lawyers the video was eventually pulled and an apology was issued to the family.

Even with millions of insults plaguing the poor boy in January, his social media status turned from a tragic tale to an inspiring one. In fact, his struggle created an incredible push to stand up to bullying and headlines defending Barron's right to privacy "were by far the most-read stories of the top 500 stories," reports CBS News.

What happened to young Barron was a terrible shame. But, this new data shows that with his struggle there was a light at the end of the tunnel. The issue was perhaps the first bipartisan topic that everyone could get behind. Both liberal and conservative media outlets constantly defended Barron and begged trolls to leave him alone. CEO of SocialFlow Jim Anderson told CBS that the data proved how despite the nation's difference everyone can agree that we should "keep the children out of it."

When Donald won, most of the Trump family members were able to deal with media attacks by using their own voice. Donald Jr. and Eric appeared on multiple talk shows to defend and promote a positive message. Ivanka hit the road with Tiffany to win over crowds with compelling messages about equality and patriotism. But, Barron is too young to speak to crowds, appear on TV, or sit on a panel, he's just a kid!

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