Trump Shatters 'Out Of Control' Media During SURPRISE Broadcast!

After weeks of absurd attacks from liberal news stations like CNN and MSNBC, President Trump called a surprise press conference to face the 'out of control' media.

The tension started to peak when reporters began flooding web and cable news headlines with inaccuracies about the departure of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. However, the straw that broke the camels back came when leaks revealed the timeline of Flynn's investigation and the media suggested Trump did not respond in time and was attempting a cover-up.

"The public doesn't believe you people anymore," he said.

The President took questions for an hour never backing down from the plethora of attacks from liberals. His responses and strong presence are being praised by conservative networks like Fox. However, CNN has already devoted hours of coverage to the press conference calling him erratic and comparing him to comedian Rodney Dangerfield.

"The media’s trying to attack our administration because they know we are following through on the pledges that we made, and they’re not happy about it," Trump said from the White House podium.

“We’re going to find the leakers. ... They’re going to pay a big price for leaking,” Trump continued.

Flynn wasn't the only reason for the surprise press conference. Donald initially stepped foot in front of the media in order to announce his pick for labor secretary. His first nominee Andrew Pudzer was driven away from the short list after the press blasted him for his personal life. They accused him of having an abusive marriage and treating his employees badly, including his housekeeper who was an undocumented immigrant.

Instead, Trump nominated law school dean and former federal prosecutor Alexander Acosta for the secretary post. Acosta will become Trump's first Latino Cabinet member. GOP members like Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and other Hispanic leaders are praising the nomination from Donald.

Donald has stood up to the press since he began his race back in 2015. However, this extremely long press conference made it clear that a new sheriff is in town. Trump has been in the White House for over a month now and enough is enough. He's laying down the law!